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PoC Technology (Push to talk over Cellular)


The Poc technology has existed for about 3 years and continues to develop massively in various fields.

The main problem in telephony is the reaction time for individual communication and the inability to make group calls (Conference).

With this Poc technology, you remove this reaction time by being constantly connected.

As a result, just press the button on the screen to speak directly on a group channel listened to by other users of your company (Conference).

The app installed on your smartphone is connected directly to our Poc server through your operator’s 3G/4G network.

This solution also avoids the investment of a complete structure of portable or mobile Radio.

The system is installed on our servers to ensure data security.

We can also offer interconnection (Gateway) between your current Radio network on Poc links.

Application available for Android Smartphone and Apple IOS



Live Video Sharing

Share instantly what you see with your device to Dispatcher or other Users.


The App exist for differents Smartphone like IOS and Android.

Dispatch center

The Dispatch’s Software is used to work easily with all the Users. You have access to the differents Channels, the Geolocation of your Users, Texts Messages and the Live Video Sharing.


We can provide you an Interconnexion of your existing PMR Radio Network to the PoC Service. So that you have no Network’s Boder anymore.

Contact us for a demonstration on your own Smartphone!